Time Management

On your occupation the time is the most valuable asset? In times of Whatsapp,  Social Medias, Apps and e-mails acessible on the cellphone and also on the watch, its harder to manage your own time, activities and everything we have to do.

In a recent research, mostly of the professionals couldn´t answer exacly what were their priority, one of the reasons is being "drowned" in various activities and the dificulty to manage them. This seminar is indicated to:

  • People that want to be more productive;

  • Professionals that need to manage better their time and tasks;

  • Managers and Coordinators in general;

  • Leaders which like to increase the productivity in the team.

During the Workshop we will approach subjects such as:

  • Prioritization Techniques;

  • Data, informing that, to know how to manage the time is a competitive differential;

  • Main causes of the problems with time time management and techniques to solve them;

  • Indication of readings to promote improvements on your day by day;

  • Sugestion of free tools, for your time management.

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