Our methodology is based in 4 principles:
1.  Ontolhologic Coaching, a process focused on the complete Human being and the talks which covers the Language, Body and Emotion.

2.  Consolidated Methodologies are those used to create context and to have a solid reference on the work to be performed.


3. Thus, we elaborate together an Action Plan   totally individualized for the client (coachee) to  try the new experiences.


4. These three pillars support the Result desejado, que é alinhado com os objetivos que o cliente trouxe para o processo.


Sales Process
Its common for small and medium businesses to have a clear process to sell the products and services, this results in low eficiency and focus loss. We can help your company with a customized consulting, the first step is to understand the current scenario, analyze possible sales models and implement it to your team.

But before, we always have an initial conversation and FREE, to understand your challenge and to make sure how we can help you. Schedule it TODAY, for FREE with us.

If you have an idea or an early stage project, we help you to turn it into a business. This  process is based on the MIT´S entrepreneurship methodology, we also make clear how we you will add value to your client, definition of the business model, finance sustainability  of your business, sales process and the strategy "go-to-market", that is, the best way to go to the market. With that in mind, you will save months of work, what is highly valuable at the moment.
 Organizational Structure
Companies grows because they provide the best to the market! But htis growth sometimes demands a new organization, exemple: Is it necessary to have a marketing department? How are my operational processes? Am I managing my clients properly? And the most important, Am I ready to grow even more?

We can help in this organizational structure, so your company will be able to continue have a healthy growth..