Coaching For Executives

Coaching is a powerful set of tools for supporting the Coachee (client), in their  professional and personal development.



Studies proves that the Coaching investment have hing returns for the companies.

Executives that passed thru it, classify it´s quantity return in 6 times the amount invested.

Some improvement pointed as results by the Coaching are:


  • Better relationship with the superior in 71%;

  • Better relationship with the pairs in 63%;

  • Increase of the satisfaction level in 61%;

  • Increase of the commitment with the company in 44%.


According the the Maganize Fortune study, made with 100 executives, the Coaching process produced a ROI of 529%, which means a return 5 times bigger than the amount invested.


On the commercial area, the results can be even more tangible, as in the following example:

Ex.: One sales executive with a target of $2,5M/year, wich improvement of 1% in his performance due to the coaching process. The result impact was $25.000/year, besides other benefits less tangibles as satisfaction, personal development, hapiness, etc.

 4 principles Methodology based:
1.  Ontologic Coaching, focused on the whole human being  and the conversations which  covers the  Language, body and emotion.

2.  Consolidated Methodology  for generating context and to have a solid on the job to be performed.


3. Thus, we elaborate together an Action Plan, totally individualized for the client (coachee) to live new experiences.


4. Those 3 pillars support the Result expected, which is aligned with the targets/goals the client brought for the process.

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