Questions that Sell!

"To have good questions is more important than having good answers"! This because a good business relationship demands more than "being friendly", its necessary to understand the fears, vision, wishes and motivations of the people who you talk to and the tool for that is to make  powerful questions.

This workshop approaches questions techniques and is indicated to:

  • People that need to improve the relationship with the clients;

  • Professionals that wan to deepen the business;

  • Team Leaders;

  • People with the  intention to use questions to have more relevant conversations.

During the Workshop we will approach subjects like:

  • Questions to qualify one oportunity and to invest time where there is more chance of business;

  • Which are the questions that e and the one which bother the clients;

  • Main question types;

  • When to use each of them;

  • How many times to use each question;

  • Exercices so you can practice on your day by day.

Ps.: 90% of the sales people does not know how to use good questions :-)

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