Principles of Persusion

Have you ever stopped to think about what makes a person say "yes"? For this you do not need to fool anyone or to promise things that you will not deliver, the first of all is deliver what you promised, first of all is to deliver what you have promised! But also there is 7 little secrets which will help you a lot during a negotiation!

This workshop is based on the book "Psychology of Persuasion" and deals with the principles that make a person to say "yes", it is indicated to:

  • Sales Professionals;

  • People that perform negotiations in general;

  • People interested in getting to know about "ethical persuasion" in general

During the workshop we will approach subjects such as:

  • 7 principles of ethical persuasion;

  • When to use each of these principles;

  • Practical Exercises;

  • Exercises to practice day by day.

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