Sales Process

Have you ever heard "I am not born for sales", "Sales is not made for me" or "There is not secret for sales"? This workshop is made to prove the exacly the contrary, to show that sales is a step by step of activities, which almost anyone is capable to make and have awesome results

This workshop is indicated to:

  • Sales Leaders;

  • Beginners and experiences sellers; 

  • Leaders that need to create a standard process in the company, regardless of size;

  • Professionals that would like to get to know more regarding the sales universe;

  • Managers who want to install a "sales culture" in their team or company

During the workshop we will approach subjects such as:

  • The main steps for a sale;

  • How to define who is your client;

  • What is the marketing role?

  • How to make a good offer of your product or service; 

  • How to ensure the satisfaction of your client in a simple way;

  • How to get new sales from the existing clients

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