Technical Sales B2B

People with the technical profile face peculiar challenges when they migrate to sales or from general business. This training has as an objective approach subjects that solve this specific challenges.

To whom it is intended?

  • Technical Sellers

  • Sales Managers

  • Technical sales Teams

This training is the  "complete package " of sales for people who have the techical profile, such as, engineers, data scientists or senior technicians. Besides the invited specialists, we approach the following subjects:

  • Listening;

  • Empathy;

  • Dealing with the Rejection;

  • Technical Marketing;

  • Elevator Pitch;

  • Sales Process;

  • A art of questioning;

  • Negotiation;

  • Effective Meetings;

  • Visit Planning;

  • Executive level Sales;

  • Strategy;

  • Corporate Finance.

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